Tourist Arrivals Drop 87 Percent During Pandemic

President Joko Widodo says there's no rush to reopen tourist sites but tells ministries to prepare "new normal" guidelines.

03 June 2020 | 04:31 PM


Indonesian Gov't Denies Turning to Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is nearly impossible to achieve in an archipelago where contacts between people are naturally restricted, the government says.

03 June 2020 | 02:17 AM


Indonesians in US Told to Avoid George Floyd Protests

The Indonesian Embassy in the US advises Indonesians to stay home and avoid the protests that have spread nationwide.

02 June 2020 | 11:11 PM


Immunization Should Continue Amid Pandemic: Health Ministry

Postponing routine vaccinations may expose children to vaccine-preventable diseases.

02 June 2020 | 10:06 PM


Indonesia Reports 609 New Coronavirus Cases, East Java Closes In on Jakarta

Since May 10, East Java has registered 1,282 more cases than Jakarta to emerge as a new outbreak epicenter.

02 June 2020 | 08:13 PM


Jakarta's Covid-19 Cases Up by 43 Percent in May

A total of 3,134 cases were reported in Jakarta in May, an average of 101 cases per day,

02 June 2020 | 07:57 PM


Garuda Indonesia Lays Off Pilots to Survive Coronavirus Crisis

The flag carrier has been hemorrhaging money from canceled flights since the pandemic began in March.

02 June 2020 | 04:58 PM


Indonesia Cancels This Year's Hajj Trip

Saudi Arabia has banned pilgrimages to Mecca since February.

02 June 2020 | 02:12 PM


Suspected IS Militants Attack Police Post, Kill Officer in South Kalimantan

Police found a manifesto carrying Islamic State symbol from a deceased militant.

02 June 2020 | 02:30 AM


Indonesia’s Daily Coronavirus Testing Consistently on Target

It takes more than 40 days to reach a consistent run since the 10,000 testing capacity benchmark was set on April 12.

02 June 2020 | 12:00 AM